Sales and Marketing Case Study
Sales and Marketing Case Study

Service Overview

Sales and Marketing are key components to the growth of every company. There are various ways The Nessa Group can help increase Sales within new or established companies by Building Better Business Solutions.
Private Manufacturing Company – Grow Sales 60%
Solution: Mature Business to Business private Company had sales revenues decline in prior 3 years and was losing new business in a highly competitive marketplace and was losing money. Analyzed market place to pinpoint larger accounts to sell. Setup sales training and coaching with a focus on how to better help the account with stronger response to account needs. Quotation system upgraded to provide prices to a customer within 3 days and prospect within 5 days. Sales team re-focused to target accounts with better margin business opportunities. Customer service procedures were re-focused via internal training. Analyzed how to assist operations to get orders made more efficiently by a delivery date system that scheduled each manufacturing machine. Streamlined order quotations and worked with operations that reduced order lead-times.   
Result: Reduced order lead-time by 30%; increased on-time deliveries to 98% from 89%. Increased sales gross margins. Sales growth was 60% and revenue increased $31 million within 5 years. The company turned to profit and positive cash flow within 2 years. 

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