Sales and Marketing – Cable Television
Sales and Marketing – Cable Television

Service Overview

Regional Cable Television Company – Develop a New Brand

New York area major Cable Company scheduled to announce a new branded offering to the press in six-weeks that needed to standout, be easily recognizable to customers and to revolutionize the cable television industry. This would be the means to increase Cable Company revenues significantly.

Solution: Analyzed the industry where there were already a lot of available competitive cable stations. Build a brand from the ground up within this six-week timeframe. Created the major new brand with a catchy brand name, logo, positioning platform, art, and copy and theme music.  And, get approval from management so launch would not be delayed.

Result: The most successful brand launch of any cable operator, ever. This new branding supported an average a $4.10 monthly revenue increase per subscriber, wherever offered. This helped transform company into a modern media competitor. The company had over 10 million customers at that time.

Project Details