Operations Case Study
Operations Case Study

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Operations optimization often requires converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization. There are many ways The Nessa Group is Building Better Business Solutions through working on Operational performance.

Custom Manufacturing – Re-energize and Turnaround a Company In Decline

Solution: A Business to Business custom packaging manufacturer had suffered significant revenue declines for 3 years.
A new President was hired to spearhead the company turnaround.  A new Plant Manager was brought in to increase manufacturing efficiency.  Company sales, manufacturing and administrative services were all evaluated. New strengths were developed to sell higher value-add products with better quality and a shorter order time to shipment.

Result: Company revenue increased by $4 Million in the 1st year and sales efforts were re-focused to sell what can be more profitably produced. Reduced costs of $2.2 Million improved manufacturing efficiencies with a lower inventory.  This moved the company close to break even and allowed it to be sold to a larger competitor.

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