Capital Growth Strategies Case Study
Capital Growth Strategies Case Study

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Experience has taught us that, even under the best market conditions, raising capital is very time consuming and labor intensive, dominating the attention of management when it should be focused on their company’s objectives. Accordingly, raising capital needs to be handled as a targeted marketing project with an appropriate budget and plan, as would be the case with any other business endeavor – not just an “ad hoc” project undertaken by the principals of the company. Locating potential investors one by one, sending business plans to people who don’t know you and then following-up can be a daunting task. The question then becomes :

“What would be the most efficient way to do this?”

Creating the right funding strategies that align with the company’s business goals is one way The Nessa Group is Building Better Business Solutions.

All Business Sectors – Successful Funding Strategies

A pharmaceutical company developing drugs for the treatment of life-threatening conditions needed to raise capital to continue funding their Research and Development projects. They were traveling around the USA to locate investors and investor groups in different locations.

Solution: Researched to find a way to meet accredited and other investors wanting to do deals without the company having to travel to various cities around the USA. Found a forum in New York City that has helped companies successfully raise over $300 million of capital from investors at this investor only forum. This successful Forum has helped companies raise this capital over the last 14 years. Also, have investor meeting groups for early stage companies looking for capital.

Result: Company attended the Forum and met with many types of investors that included Angels, High Net Worth Individuals, Angel groups, Venture Capital groups, Family Offices and Private Equity firms. The company raised investor capital at the Forum.

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