Pentagon Model

Our Pentagon model identifies the 5 required disciplines/functions needed for a company to reach the goals they vision for their products and services. It symbolizes the cohesive strategy provided by utilizing each of the five points in a coordinated manner.

We look at each of the 5 Pentagon services as vital to the life cycle of a company. They are interdependent functions support by a strong interdisciplinary execution commitment. Below are some of the functions making up each service.

Capital Growth Strategies: Strategies and Sourcing

Experience has taught us that, even under the best market conditions, raising capital is very time consuming and labor intensive, dominating the attention of management when it should be focused on their company’s objectives. Accordingly, raising capital needs to be handled as a targeted marketing project with an appropriate budget and plan, as would be the case with any other business endeavor – not just an “ad hoc” project undertaken by the principals of the company. Locating potential investors one by one, sending business plans to people who don’t know you and then following-up can be a daunting task. The question then becomes “What would be the most efficient way to do this?” Creating the right funding strategies that align with the company’s business goals is one way The Nessa Group is Building Better Business Solutions.

Sales and Marketing:  Branding and Creative Direction, New Product/Service Launch, Intellectual Property, Patents, Digital Marketing

Sales and Marketing are key components to the growth of every company. There are various ways The Nessa Group can help increase Sales within new or established companies by Building Better Business Solutions.

Human Capital: Human Resources, Compensation and Benefit

Human Resources and Compensation and Benefits fall under the Human Capital. The Nessa Group has innovative solutions and a sustained history of success in Building Better Business Solutions by helping corporations realize actionable solutions to Human Capital needs.

Finance: Corporate and Revenue Strategies, Profit Improvement

Profit improvement, corporate and revenue strategies for both Global and National firms require imaginative and resourceful planning and insights. Here is how we have been Building Better Business Solutions to Finance challenges across a variety of industry sectors.

Operations: Organizational Effectiveness, Efficiency in producing Goods and Services, cost analysis, supply chain and outsourcing-operations optimization often requires converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization. There are many ways The Nessa Group is Building Better Business Solutions through working on Operational performance.