Why are so many companies failing that have a reasonable marketable product, with segmented targeted markets and investors? The statistics on this topic are vast and indeed show that a pattern of failure in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are failing on a much to frequent basis.

The Nessa Group business model was designed based on extended discussions successful business consultants and advisers.These discussions clearly indicated that the problems facing companies (SMEs) had to do with insufficient skills, know-how from founders, management and department heads in running a company.

The findings clearly indicated that the immediate company management’s skills with regard to their products and services were strong but a weakness and cause of company failures had to do with a lack of interdisciplinary execution.

About “The Nessa Group” Name:
There are many attributes associated with the word “Nessa”. Although a feminine name, Nessa is active and resourceful…communicates someone able to communicate, able to take charge of a situation with a natural authority that is above all suspicion… can be very brave, animated by a deep curiosity…lively, cheerful… spontaneous.

[1.] Nessa was chosen for its defined meaning of strength and pure in many cultures (i.e. Greek, Scottish, Irish and Russian)

[2.] Nessa means “miracle” in Hebrew.

[3.] The Nessa Group embodies these business traits in our engagements.