Leadership = Repetitive Accountability

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So much is written about the requirements to become and claim the role of a leader. The guidance needed to learn the craft of leadership must include exposure to a broad range of skills. Mentors lighting the path for prospective leaders must set consistent examples. The key to influencing tomorrow’s leaders lies in the repetitiveness and consistency of the mentors’ actions – actions that include and invite listening. 

Baruch College, my alma matter, was named after financier, statesman and leader, Bernard M. Baruch who is quoted as saying, “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” Leaders that listen are demonstrating respect and empathy – both of which establish trust.  

Passing the torch of leadership is an undeniably tremendous responsibility. What defines someone as being a good leader is inevitably passed on to the mentees waiting in the wings. 

Regardless of your specific leadership strengths, repeatedly demonstrating the ones you have in a way that is harmonious, confident, and integritous will only foster accountable leaders for the future.

Strong leadership skills come many different forms. Leadership “perfection” is not what great leaders strive to achieve. Great leaders cultivate through repetition the values that they can pass on. These same values become the backbones of the leaders who may one day make decisions that will impact all our lives.